06 August 2014

2282 likes on Facebook!

Thanks everyone. Sales have been incredible. Be sure to check in every week as we post new hides!

Have a wonderful August!


16 May 2014

We have reached over 1100 likes on our facebook page!

A BIG thank you to all our amazing clients and fans of ngunihomedecor.com


22 December 2013

Hi everyone…

We hope you have rounded up all your Christmas shopping. Hides purchased Monday the 23th could still be delivered to KZN an Gauteng, but unfortunately wont make it to the Cape in time for Christmas.

Our factory is closed for patch carpet orders until the 13th Jan, but our online store is open all year round. Deliveries might be delayed a day or 2 depending on public holidays but other than that it is business as usual.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

Nguni Home décor staff!


17 December 2013

Hi everyone…

Great news! All hides purchased by Thursday 12pm (19/12/13) will still arrive before Christmas!!!

We hope you have a lovely holiday season and a wonderful Christmas.

Best wishes

Nguni Home Décor staff!


24 September 2013

Hi everyone!

Come and visit us at Aardklop 2013 from the 24th September- 28th.

We have had a fantastic day 1, nearly doubling last years day 1 sales!

Hides are still available as the site is automatically updated as soon as a hide sells!

Thank you for your loyal support.



04 July 2013-

HI Everyone!

Have a look at all our new hides. Lots of Tri-colours!


08 April 2013-

Hi everyone!

Thanks to a little mention in the Garden & Home mag- www.ngunihomedecor.com has has record sales!

We will have all our replacement hides up on the site in the next few days, so keep a look out!






04 April 2013-

Hi Everyone!

This was a custom order nguni hide carpet that we finished a few days ago, we love the design so much we will be adding it to our collection soon!





01 February 2013 –

Have a look at our stunning new hides: 10590, 10591, 10592, 20721, 20722, 20723, 20724, 20725, 20726, 20727, 20728, 20729, 80051, 80052 & 80053.


17 January 2013 –

Have a look at our 3 lovely hides just in this morning: 20719, 20720 & 80049.


15 January 2013 –

Have a browse at our new hides just in today: 10586, 10587, 10588, 10599, 20713, 20714, 20715, 20716, 20717 & 20718.


14 January 2013 –

As promised, here are some lovely new hides: 10584, 10585, 20707, 20708, 20709, 20710, 20711, 20712 & 80047.


11 January 2013 –

Hi everyone! As I’m sure you’ve all noticed,  a lot of the hides on the site are “Out of Stock”, and this is because we had a very successful festive season. We ask that you please bare with us and be patient as we replenish our stock and load new items on the site. Many thanks.


10 January 2013 –

Hi everyone! We’ve had a lot of queries asking if the hides we have on  our site are the actual hides that you will be purchasing should you choose to. Please be assured that the picture of the hide you see on the site is of the exact item that you will receive and is thus, 100% true advertising.


08 January 2013 –

Some lovely words from a very satisfied customer – “The skin arrived first thing this morning, and a great big thank you to for your help, efficiency, and the quality of your product.” – Jill Barnes. Thank you so much for the great feedback!


07 January 2013 –

Welcome back everyone, and a happy New Year to you all!

We’ve got some great new hides in – 10580, 10581, 10582, 10583, 20705 & 20706. We also have some stunning, very trendy genuine leather Handbags just in. They’re definitely the perfect accessory to start the new year off with a bang – Check them out!


04 December 2012 –

Please note:  Our factory will be closing this Friday, 7 December 2012 and will reopen next year. Our online shop however, will be active and running throughout the festive season so you will still be able to buy some stunning Christmas presents!


03 December 2012 –

Looking for a bargain this festive season? Have a look under our “Bargain Buys” category for all sorts of great deals. We have also added a few new bargains – 20494, 10384, 10437, 10528, 10487, 20333.


30 November 2012 –

Interested in an Nguni Carpet? Look at some of ours and see if they tickle your fancy! We also make all sorts of personal designs with sizes of your choice. All our carpets come with a durable felt or rubber backing, depending on your preference. Drop me an email if you need any other info or have any queries at all!


29 November 2012 –

Hi Everyone! Great, new hides in again – 10577, 10578, 10579, 20703 and 20704. Also, check out our stunning Tri Colour and Black nguni hide patch footstools; they’re beautiful.


28 November 2012 –

“I got the hides and they are perfect. Thank you so much! I love the bag…! Thank you!” – Joy Peter.

Some lovely, much appreciated words from a very satisfied customer. Thank you, Joy!


26 November 2012 –

Hi Everyone! Check out our latest hides – 10572, 20697, 20698, 20699, 20700, 20701, 20702 and 80046.


19 November 2012 –

Hi Everyone! Just got 3 lovely new hides in today, check them out! – 80045, 20696 and 10572.