Dumain Tannery showcases a collection of Nguni Hides

Nguni Hides, known all over the world have become highly sought after and desired!

Resting in front of a fire place or decorating an outdoor patio,

there is no end to the decorative functions of an Nguni Hide!

Dumain Tannery prides itself in the sourcing of our Nguni Hides, every hide is individually chosen and collected from abattoirs all over?South Africa.

Dumain Tannery only buys and tans hides from cattle that where slaughtered humanely and for meat and other byproducts.

Combining the most up to date tanning methods with the old fashioned way of fleshing and tanning our Nguni Hides, Dumain Tannery is bringing life to a dying art form.

Take time & browse through our Nguni Collection…