PWC010- Afican continent patchwork carpet. Straight stitch

Fill in width and length (Tax Exempt)

R1550 per square meter. No added costs. FREE delivery

Weight: 3-4kg
cm X cm

Category Nguni Carpets




8cm or 10cm square blocks.


Once you have selected your size, you can purchase the carpet on our site.


Please send us an email with specific requirements:


1. Genuine leather border or No border


2. Felt or rubber backing


3. Colour combination requests


All our carpets are made of the finest quality genuine nguni hides.


Carpets take 10-20 working days to complete depending on the size.


Contact us and send through a design of your own, we can make it as well!


FREE Delivery in RSA!! Overnight in all parts of our beautiful country, except The Cape where delivery takes up to 48 hours.

Nguni Home Decor is the fastest growing nguni hide retail outlet on the web. We update our site daily and respond to each and every query. If the hide you are looking for is not available on our site you can contact us with its description or code from 'Sold' items. We then keep your request on file and as soon as a match comes through our tannery we send you pictures!

Nguni is a collective name for the Swazi and the Zulu cattle found in the eastern part of Swaziland, in the eastern part of Zululand in the Republic of South Africa and in the south of the Save River of Mozambique, where they are called Landim.

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