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Nestled at the foot of the Endumeni Mountain Range in the heart of the historical Kwa Zulu-Natal Battlefields, next to the small farming town of Dundee, Dumain Tannery inspires eight talented Zulu youth to combine the traditional art of tanning Nguni Hide Leather with the modern world of fashion.

Only the time-honored method of hand-working the hides, painstakingly tending to every detail, with undoubted professionalism is used to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality standards.

The distinctive pattern of the African Nguni hide is used to hand craft decorative carpets, cushions, handbags, belts and other leather products, creating a trendy yet durable item with a unique African flavor.

Dumain Tannery supplies Decorating, Curio and Furniture Stores nationwide. We offer the public unbeatable prices and undoubtable quality.

Nguni Hides, known all over the world have become highly sought after and desired!

Resting in front of a fire place or decorating an outdoor patio, there is no end to the decorative functions of an Nguni Hide!

Dumain Tannery prides itself in the sourcing of our Nguni Hides. Every hide is individually chosen and collected from abattoirs all over South Africa.

Dumain Tannery only buys and tans hides from cattle that were slaughtered humanely and for meat and other byproducts.

Combining the most up to date tanning methods with the old fashioned way of fleshing and tanning our Nguni Hides, Dumain Tannery is bringing life to a dying art-form.

Dumain Tannery produces a large amount of Hair on leather (Nguni Hides), each and every cushion is carefully worked out according to ‘up to date’ home decorating research.

We offer our customers highly fashionable decorating items, as well as something proudly South African.

What makes Dumain Tannery’s cushions so unique? You can design it yourself, pick any colour, with any design, even submit your own design. Our talented staff can make it just for you!

Nguni Cushions are hand made from the highest quality materials, we source the most luxurious mock-Kudu Suede, durable upholstery Zips, and stong decorators choice stuffing for our designer cushions.

If you are looking for decorative accessories, for your country home or just needing to add a few rustic items to your sheek home, you have come to the right place. Dumain Tannery manufactures some of the most unique home decor items in the country. Be sure to visit the site often as we update and include some of our latest products.

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